I just came across Foursquare http://foursquare.com

Its another social group software that lets users find where their friends are and leave recommendations and play games with each other. Harvard have just started using it with their new students.

here’s how Foursquare describe themselves:

Check in

People use foursquare to “check-in”, which is a way of telling us your whereabouts. When you check-in
someplace, we’ll tell your friends where they can find you and recommend places to go & things to do
nearby. People check-in at all kind of places – cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, homes, offices.
You’ll find that as your friends use foursquare to check-in, you’ll start learning more about the places
they frequent. Not only is it a great way to meet up with nearby friends, but you’ll also start to learn
about their favorite spots and the new places they discover.

Share your experiences with friends
Think of foursquare as an “urban mix tape.” We’ll help you make lists of your favorite things to do and
let you share them with friends. Think beyond your standard review – we’re looking less for “The food
here is top notch” and more for “Go to Dumont Burger and try the most amazing Mac and Cheese ever.”
Foursquare will keep track of the things you’ve done, help you create To-Do lists and even suggest new
experiences to seek out.
As you check-in around the city, you’ll start finding tips that other users have left behind. After
checking-in at a restaurant, it’s not uncommon to unlock a tip suggesting the best thing on the menu.
Checking-in at a bar will often offer advice on what your next stop should be. Every tip you create is
discoverable by other users just by checking-in.

foursquare badges
Earn points and unlock badges!

Every foursquare checkin earns you points. Find a new place in your neighborhood? +5 points. Making
multiple stops in a night? +2 points. Dragging friends along with you? +1.
And as you start checking-in to more interesting places with different people, you’ll start unlocking
badges. There are badges for discovering new places and for traveling to far away places. Spending too
much time singing karaoke or been hitting the gym consistently? Yes, there are badges for those too :)

foursquare specials
Become the mayor! Unlock some freebies!

We all have our local hangouts and foursquare keeps tabs on who’s the most loyal of all the regulars.
If you’ve been to a place more than anyone else, you’ll become “the mayor”… until someone else comes
along and steals your title.
It may sound a little silly until you see the list of places that are offering
freebies to our mayors – free coffees, free ice-cream, free hotel stays – it pays to be a foursquare
loyalist and check-in whenever you go!

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