40,000 Canisters of Aerial Film from World War II Land Online

A few years ago I interviewed a man who had been an aerial photographer during WW2. He described how the cameras worked, what his job was, and that for the most part he worked away from Europe and was involved in mapping using dual cameras for depth. I would love to think that some of these images were taken by him, although he didn’t fly with the cameras, he generally set them up to work as they were flying and collected the film on return.


I’ve been thinking about this image for a while, its an area of sea off the coast of Marseille where the pilot and author St Exupery is said to have been shot down during WW2. A bracelet engraved with his I.D. was found on the sea bed. It is said that the other pilot who shot him down was shocked when he found out who was in the plane. St Exupery’s writing had inspired him to learn to fly.

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