In the work I’m making for In Certain Places in Preston, I want to track a pigeon flying from France to England. It’s slow progress getting permission and finding the right people to work with, so in the meantime I’m looking at whether I could track a letter through the post from France to UK. So far my parcel tracking tests have done a great job of tracking hanging about in Preston sorting office.

I posted one from Lancaster University post office on Monday (red/orange lines), it didn’t track for a while, then started tracking at the post office in Lancaster, was taken all the way down to a sorting office in Preston on Monday evening, left in the sorting office all day Tuesday and then brought back to Lancaster at 12.30am Wednesday morning. But the tracking stops at the sorting office in Lancaster. This one was a cat GPS and still had a light on when I opened the parcel. It claims to turn off when it is motionless, and so only generates data from journeys.(I posted this one 2nd class)

The one I posted in Preston on Tuesday (green/yellow lines) didn’t start tracking until it got to the sorting office, where it tracked lots of hanging around, because it doesn’t turn off when stationary its keeping a record of every change in GPS accuracy from inside a building and making this scribble. It seems to have been put into a van at about 12.30am this morning, but then stopped tracking. I think its battery might have run out. ( This one was 1st class).

They were both delivered today, but neither tracked the route to our house. I’m beginning to wonder if the smaller post office vans are built in a way that makes it hard for the GPS to get a signal, but that the larger van that takes them down the motorway to the sorting office is more trackable.



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