We’re mapping the Uppies and Downies football game next Tuesday, and have decided to use GPS watches gaffer taped to the players arms. They are the most robust, waterproof and easy to wear option, although they could be vulnerable to being pulled off the players – hence the gaffer tape. We have 4 Polar M300’s and 2 Garmin Forerunner 15’s, the garmin devices are more waterproof than the Polar M300’s, but they have very prominent buttons that could get accidentally pushed and stop the tracking. The Polar’s have a higher data sampling rate (according to this extensive review  its a 1 sec rate)

I tested one of each this morning, getting used to how they’re configured and how they operate so that I can deal with any problems that come up on Tuesday. The garmin (in red) has a lower sample rate than the polar (blue) – its noticeable when going around corners, the blue line makes a smoother curve with more data points where the red line is angular because its sampling less frequently. Over a short journey the polar is better, and if the game lasts an hour or two it will generate better data for us, but if the game goes on for 6 hours the Polar may start writing over the early data as its memory fills up with more data points.

We’re using two types of watch so that we can account for this kind of unpredictability / unrulyness in the game, and still get enough data. Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 15.12.47  Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 15.13.16

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