Comparing the G-Paws pet tracker, and the holux M-241.

The G-Paws is much smaller and cheaper than the Holux, and in the image above is the white line. It seems to be less accurate than the holux, the spur out into the river is at a point where I stopped to take photographs, but I stayed on the path rather than diving into the river. The orange line of the holux at that point is much more accurate, showing a bit of walking backwards and forwards in the same place. Similarly to the bottom left of the image, the white line jumps around much more than the orange when I stopped to talk to friends.


The G-Paws is probably the easiest GPS to get files off that I’ve ever used. It has a USB cable, plugs straight into a Mac, and appears as an external drive with the GPX file on it. The Holux USB cable doesn’t work with a Mac, but it was easy to pair it with bluetooth. I used freeware GPSBabel to download the files.

To open the files I use MacGPSPro, which I’ve been using for nearly 10 years, I’ve never found a better Mac based GPS software. I used it to convert between file types – e.g. txt, GPS, KML. The G-Paws files seem to add onto the last one that day, so I opened it in word, and deleted the bits of data from earlier in the day. The holux saves each track as a new path, so editing was much easier.  MacGPSPro is also good for viewing individual tracks without a map background, and I screen shot enlarged sections and stitch them back together in photoshop to make bigger prints of the GPS lines without maps.

And adding the Qstarz sports data logger – very small, flat and light. This is the first data I have from it, just left it sitting for 30mins as it found satellites for the first time. I love the way the accuracy wanders around, have yet to track any specific activity for accuracy. It samples every 5 seconds, but can be changed via PC software.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 07.18.11

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