TrowgillWe took our students on a drawing trip to Ingleborough caves in October. I made a GPS track of the route, and walked the perimeter of Trow Gill, a small canyon like feature that the path goes through. Canyon’s either urban or rural are one of the most difficult terrains for GPS to capture, because the reciever does not get a clear line of sight to 4 satellites. The disruptions that occur are always interesting. The track seemed to invert from east to west at one point, as it danced around attempting to track my movements.

Inside the caves I wanted to see how the iphone camera responds to low light levels, and test the limits of the panorama feature. At what point in dark / high contrast / indistinct features does the image fall apart. Pushing the camera to keep making panorama’s despite the ‘poor’ conditions had some interesting results, with the image seeming to slip down the panorama, reminding me of the way the stalactites and mineral deposits seem to be susupened, solidified, drips from the ceilings.



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