You are invited to the exhibition:

Hopeful Monster
Jen Southern
5th – 7th June 2013
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University
Gallery open 11am-5pm

Opening Event: Thursday 6th June, 6.00pm, all welcome.

Hopeful Monster is a series of four installations by Jen Southern developed through a combination of digital art practice, the sociology of mobilities, and speculative software design. You are invited to become part of the work by taking a GPS enabled phone for a walk while the speed of your journey is tapped out on the walls of the gallery by a chorus of tapping and whirring devices.

The work explores the double-edged potential for Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to link people spatially, socially and imaginatively, and was produced through collective experimentation with artist-designed mobile phone apps Comob Net and Space Metronome. This investigation of GPS technology is unexpectedly rich in poetic and sensorial resonance, as a multiplicity of perspectives is visualised and sonified in the gallery space.

Hopeful Monster is Jen Southern’s Phd exhibition and has been developed through an art-practice led PhD in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University and was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, with additional support from mobilities.lab Lancaster, Sound and Music, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, and residencies at the Pervasive Media Studio, ISIS Arts and the Mobile Media Lab, Montréal.

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