I was so engrossed in this workshop that I forgot to take any interesting images.

I spent a great couple of days with Kim Sawchuk, Owen Chapman, and Sam Thulin from the Mobile Media Lab at Concordia University in Montreal. They were here in Lancaster to run a workshop with a beta version of their new iPhone app ‘audio mobile’. I bumped into them at the Mobilities research conference in Raleigh earlier this year, and found that they were building the app that I’ve wanted to use for a long time. It records audio files and links them to GPS locations, but more importantly it will record audio files while moving, and show the audio file spread along the GPS trail. The audio will then be accessible by clicking on the map where it was recorded, so it will be possible to see how the sound changed as the person travelled.

We are also making connections between the Mobile Media Lab in Montreal, and the Mobilities lab at Lancaster to do further practice based research, or ‘research creation’ as it is called in Canada. We’re hoping to start with a series of recordings using ‘audiomobile’, and a skype discussion on October 10th.

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