The end of the residency at ISIS today. It been a great opportunity to really focus on what the Comob research becomes as a final art work. I’ve been really lucky to be able to discuss what I’m doing with Sharon and Clymene here at ISIS, Michelle Hirschorn, Lucy Livingstone and Carole Luby. And I’ve worked with John Shearer to overhaul and update our visualisation software ready for a relaunch soon. The final outcome of this work will take a few months to develop, but I’m hoping to have at least a prototype ready by next June. The video above is a sketch of what might happen, although the final project will be based on collaborations with other people. It will be part of a body of work that links data gathered from the social movement of people, with objects that those people associate with distant friends. It is an attempt to explore how GPS tracking data, instead of being overlaid onto a map, can be mapped onto other objects, places or materials. This is not a removal it from being located or situated, but an attempt to think of location as not simply geographical, but as social and relational.   The other part of this body of work has been developed through a residency at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, which is where I’m going on to next.  Huge thanks to everyone here in Newcastle for such a great opportunity.

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