A project proposal is beginning to come together from this residency. When we re-release the Comob app we will then invite a group of people to participate in the work by using comob to keep in touch at a distance. After a month I will work with them to make a portrait of their distant communication. This portrait might be drawn or printed, but it could also be an installation that suggests something more about their connection. This addition of an installation element adds a more narrative, subjective, or analogue sense of communication and relationships to the data visualisation. It is intended to reflect the nature of virtual connections as part of a variety of different modes of being with people and keeping in touch that we weave together daily between virtual and physical communications.

As a brief test I’m projecting into a teacup – one that reminds me of a friend I used to go to jumble sales and charity shops with, looking for interesting crockery.  This is an image of our locations while we were using comob during a performative walk I made last year.

The third image is a different dataset of a group of students, in order to see what a bigger group looks like in this set up.

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