Now that the visualisation app is partially working I can begin to look at the data again.

This image is of all the users of comob, although I’m not sure over what timeframe, it must be from a single day, but it doesn’t look typical of a normal day of use. The image is centred on the UK, with a stream of lines leading to North America, and a cross hatch of links to Europe and Australia.

I’ve also been experimenting with animations of a group of people using Comob. Each moving dot is made by a person walking. It is important that who they are and where they are has been made anonymous, only their spatial relationships over time are revealed. I’m interested in whether this data can tell a story. How different is it if I say that these movements are made by people at a wedding, players in a game, a herd of sheep or a pack of dogs? Could I fictionalise the stories in the data, or is it important to know its real origins?

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