A day working in Edinburgh with Chris Speed and Larissa Pschetz on the comob visualisation app. Larissa has been fixing some bugs that appeared due to a server move, and has helped in making the app useable. She’s going back to her own Phd work (thanks Larissa for taking time out to help us!), and we’re looking for a new programmer who can sort out some more fundamental bugs, and adding some extra functionality.

Chris and I brainstormed some of the issues that have come up around Comob, talked about what it is we think Comob is doing, and what we want to do with it in the future. We talked about how interesting the data is when you know who has made the lines, or what they were trying to do. This has been the same story for the past ten years of working with GPS data. The lines are visually interesting on their own, but until you know the context or the person, or have made the lines yourself they are flat lines rather than stories related to places, events and people.

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