During September and November I will be artist in residence at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, as part of the Embedded residencies commissioned by Sound and Music.


During my PhD research I have been thinking about a new phenomena that I call ‘comobility’, how people are mobile with each other at a distance, through locative mobile social networks. I was in Sweden last year to look at the work that Per Sandstrom does with Swedish Sami people who GPS track their reindeer. Reading about reindeer and their clicking hooves I realised that they were doing a version of comobility, but through sound.

Through the residency here in Bristol I will be making a prototype device to share movement at a distance through sound rather than through map based images.  I will mainly be blogging about the work on the ished website – just follow the link above.

In the past I have only worked with sound through recorded interviews, so this is a new field for me to explore through the residency.

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