One thought on “a gift of (uninterrupted) proximity

  1. hi Jen, Ive been given your name by Taylor Nuttal at folly. I’m trying to get help for a residency at Cube in manchester where myself and another artist are tavelling from Haweswater in Cumbria to Cube in the centre of Manchester, please see cube website:
    We wil be running, kayaking and cycling the route of the water supply pipe from the Lakes to the City and we need a a live tracking device for our audience to monitor our efforts over the 3 day event. I was hoping that you may be able to help us either by lending us a device (we have no funding) or pointing us to a company who may be interested in sponsoring us? We are already sponsored in kind by a number of companies including a Kayak, all 3 Kendal Mint Cake makers and a local sport shop.
    For more information about our incredible jouirney, please checkout the Cube site or follow our developments at

    Many thanks

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