My Phone is off for you” is a new project by product design company “The Way We See The World“. It suggests that presence or proximity is a gift that can be given. Their ‘phonekerchief’ is made of fabric that stops calls getting through, so wrapping your phone in it will keep it quiet for the duration of your proximate interaction.

One thought on “a gift of (uninterrupted) proximity

  1. hi Jen, Ive been given your name by Taylor Nuttal at folly. I’m trying to get help for a residency at Cube in manchester where myself and another artist are tavelling from Haweswater in Cumbria to Cube in the centre of Manchester, please see cube website: http://www.cube.org.uk/exhibitions/detail.asp?id=278&future=0
    We wil be running, kayaking and cycling the route of the water supply pipe from the Lakes to the City and we need a a live tracking device for our audience to monitor our efforts over the 3 day event. I was hoping that you may be able to help us either by lending us a device (we have no funding) or pointing us to a company who may be interested in sponsoring us? We are already sponsored in kind by a number of companies including a Kayak, all 3 Kendal Mint Cake makers and a local sport shop.
    For more information about our incredible jouirney, please checkout the Cube site or follow our developments at http://www.twitter.com/MinskyTitley

    Many thanks

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