The second walk to make a track for the silk escape map I’m making, from Christ church to Sugar Lane near Bollington. About 5 miles one way.

Thinking mostly about different modes of knowing a place. Earlier this week I traced all the water from a map of this area in the process of making the main map on the silk scarf, so walking this route I recognised sections of the canal from tracing them carefully, and the water in the field near Long Lane. Walking changed my perception of the area;  in trying to recognise where a forced landing might have happened, I was seeing flat fields and wondering if they were the right ones. I’m now doubtful whether this really was the field, the account says that it happened off Long Lane, but the field I walked through was too steep for a forced landing at the Long Lane end, so the account would have said Sugar Lane if it was the site I was looking at. My understanding of the topography changed a lot when I walked, even though I grew up nearby and have walked there before, and have spent hours looking at this map. I had remembered the holly hedge, and the steep field, but not the bottom end of that path. Thinking about the differences between memory and walking reminds me of Simon Pope‘s work with walking and memory too.

I made a few blog posts, which in retrospect are not as interesting as the 30 minutes of voice memos I recorded which develop arguements and follow thoughts in a way that the blog posts don’t.

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