This is the track from Christ Church (where the Macclesfield exhibition will be in June) to the site of a forced landing on 14th May 1942.  The walk is about 7km there and back (4.4 miles).

This is an account of the forced landing from http://www.peakdistrictaircrashes.co.uk

“The aircraft was being used for delivering spares to an unrecorded destination, No.3 A.D. Flt being based at Hawarden, when the pilot became lost in bad weather and decided to force land the aircraft when he ran low on fuel. He landed the aircraft in a field at Lyme Green, reported locally to be close to the Macclesfield Canal, but did not have sufficient space to stop and the aircraft ran into a hedge causing minor damage.”

The silk escape map that I’m making is about navigation, and translating maps to the ground. By leading the audience to this spot to witness the physical geography of a place that once provided the ground for a safe landing, the idea of an escape map becomes tangible, the conditions of landing become real perhaps. The map, the navigation, the crisis and the translation between the material artefact of the map and the plane come together in a crossing of object, history and physical experience, through the act of navigation.

I’m continuing to do mobile blogging while I’m walking in an attempt to put mobile reflection-in-action into practice using easily available tools. The risk is that this blog fills up with short observations and large images, but I think its worth it to experiment with the tools. I also recorded voice memo’s towards the end of the walk. They allow me to think out loud a bit more, as if chatting while walking and the quality of those comments is quite different to the blog posts.

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