Beautifully flat fields on either side of the canal, the way they are now they would be perfect for landing a plane. Remind me of St Exupery though, in ‘Wind, Sand and Stars’, fields good for landing ruined by a hidden stream that he calls a ‘snake in the grass’.

One thought on “moblog: Flat fields

  1. That St Exupery quote is p8 Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939
    Before his first official flight as a mail delivery pilot in Africa a more experienced pilot briefs him on safe landing spots.
    “From their oblivion, from their inconceivable remoteness we rescued such details, known to no geographer in the world. Only the Ebro, which waters great cities, is of interest to geographers. Not that little stream hidden in the weeds to the west of Motril, that stream that fosters thirty species of flowers. ‘Beware of that stream, it ruins the field for landing…Mark that on your map too.’ Oh, I would remember that snake at Motril! It looked like nothing at all, it enchanted no more than a few frogs with its gentle murmur, but it slept with one eye closed. In the paradise of that emergency landing-field, it lay in wait for me in the grasses, twelve hundred miles away. Given the chance, it would transform me into a sheaf of flames…”

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