When I was walking yesterday I kept stopping to send blog posts. The terrain was too rough to actually blog while I was walking. I don’t think ‘moblogging’ really means blogging while you’re self-propelled and moving, it really means ‘away from your computer’, so people do it on trains or at conferences or with friends. Looking at what I actually wrote in my posts they are mostly observations of the route that are related to my work: flying, mobility, water, territory, walking etc. They lack reflective writing because it interrupts the experience of walking and perhaps require some thought or description afterwards. What I find interesting about them now is that I can see how the process of walking lent a different perspective to the things I was thinking about, but its implicit in the images rather than explicit in texts.

When I saw the flat balloon in the hollow I was thinking mostly about the crater, I grew up near fields with old grown-over open cast mines and they were exactly this shape. The balloon that had landed there out of the wind just made a focus for the image. But alongside the cloud (in which I could see an aeroplane at the time, but the camera doesn’t capture) the hope and joy of the original balloon, its journey floating over the landscape (imagine a Simon Faithful balloon) and its un-glamorous destination end up being more interesting. And as those imagined flights become part of a series of routes and paths, the motorway, the aircraft, bridleway, packhorse route, footpath, tyre tracks, abandoned cars, mobility is firmly inscribed into the landscape in every post.

I was also using the voice memos app on my iphone to record the things I was thinking about as I was walking and those recordings more accurately reflect what I was thinking about and how the landscape and the act of walking was effecting thought processes. (Strangely they don’t download onto my computer though, and the iphone would only allow me to email or MMS them if they were shorter. It would be easier to move the audio files around if I used my voice recorder but I’m trying not to carry too much kit).

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