S: John the DI, beforehand, gave me these definitive maps, which are obviously various bits, because he said they’ve had problems here they’ve had disputes, its not waymarked properly, and its not clear, OK? So I can see on the map when I, he’s got a GPS and he’s a DI, I haven’t got a GPS I could take a compass bearing but I may as well use his skill, so we are, we’ve come out at this point here, and we’re going to go on the golf course, so the footpath comes out, and it comes out right at the top of Tarporley by the (inaudible) club, so he’s got a gps, so at this point i’m going to defer to him because he’s a DI, he’s got a gps.
J: What’s a DI?
S: District Inspector
J: oh, ok
S: so em, Peter’s a district inspector for, round halton and warrington, if I was here on my own at this point i’d just do it,
J: with a compass and
S: i’d just have a go and do it, but avoiding, you can get into disputes with golfers and things like that, so at this point, thats why I waited while everyone was together, and we go across.

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