Looking at some recent art works, there’s been a theme that seems to relate to  John Urry’s book ‘After the Car’

This work that was recently posted on nettime http://www.zorofeigl.nl/onshore.html suggesting the motion of being on a boat, in the confined space of a container.

Petko Dourmana’s ‘Post Global Warming Survival Kit’ http://www.dourmana.com/ which I saw at ISEA in Belfast, where viewers use infrared binoculars to view a post apocalyptic environment, the nature of which is described in an accompanying text.

Andrea Polli’s Cloud Car, visualising pollution with water vapour.

Anthony Haughey’s Prospect in which the immensity of both the desert and the sea, filmed from within them, are juxtaposed with audio and visual recordings of migrants descriptions of the terror of the journeys that brought them to the UK.

Each of these works that in some ways relate to forced migration, pollution, and post apocalypse, that may relate to a ‘regional warlord’ scenario from ‘After the Car’, in contrast the M.A.R.I.N project, a boat as research vessel, wired, tracked and automated relates more to the idea of a ‘digital nexus’ in which at the expense of the privacy we’re used to, technology systems and surveillance allow us to travel as much as we’ve become accustomed to, although this is not perhaps the original intention of this project.

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