The comob application is now in the apple store. I’m surprised at how many people have already downloaded it, considering it feeds data to our database, and does nothing for them. Unless they come to futuresonic, or change the address of the database that it goes to. But the only ones we know about are the ones that are still pointing it at our database.

The potential for distribution of being in Apple Store has just dawned on me. Already we could make some interesting visualisations of connections between people across the globe, so what potential does it have to make that more interesting… But actually the further apart you are, the less movement shows up. But even though I hate the way iphones are so kind of closed, I like that the application is so much more available than having someone download an application from your own website. Locoblog would be completely innundated with users if it was on iphone.

Here’s the pics – more pics soon of the links between people who have downloaded it.

dscf1869 dscf1868

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