I made some gps scarves at a screen printing workshop this weekend. The intention is that they embody and catalogue safety proceedures, the repetition of learning and accidents that can and do happen during the process.

I used images of GPS tracks I made while learning to fly in 2003. A major part of the process is flying numerous “touch and go’s”. Landing and then taking off again immediately after the wheels touch the ground.  In between flying the ‘circuit’, usually just a loop around the airfield from take off to lining up for an approach for landing. This image is of the repeated circuits it took me to  learn to land safely, some flown with fewer mistakes than others. My first solo flight black from the grass runway, is in black. The details of all the flights and their individual tracks are here on my website.

The line quality is very pixelated because I used low res images from my website. All the original data was lost when I dropped my external hard drive, and I had no other copies.

There are 10 scarves, some with fewer mistakes than others,  as I learned the screen printing process.

They are printed on scarves in reference to WWII escape maps printed like scarves onto silk, in the event of an emergency landing in enemy territory.


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