Satellites are part of our daily lives, but we rarely think about them, or about the information that arrives in our homes via satellites in space. They are used in mobility, media, war, communications, entertainment and locative services, and thus play a significant role in our global and local lives, and in globalization. Satellite Bureau is an artists collaboration that investigates satellites.

My PhD research is about the embodied practices of navigation and satellite navigation. Using a form of ethnography employing a gps device I do fieldwork looking into practices, processes and ideas of specific people and places involved in navigation. This fieldwork is then used in the development of software to explore a social and imaginative (conceptual) relationship to gps and tracking. The deployment of this software is explored in both real world / functional and artistic situations.

A significant part of this research is about how satellites change our visual perception of the world, through google earth, or satellite imagery, or GPS lines, vs the embodied ‘in the world’ view. What does that change?

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