I just re-found Preiser model figures.

Years ago a made a piece of work using these figures that was in an exhibition at International 3 in Manchester.  There were a couple of tourist figures looking at a drawing I’d made from a part of a sim city I’d built – the drawing was of a pile of rubble, a vacant lot where a building had stood, and I was interested in decay in virtual worlds. The figures were standing on the paper that then fed up into a frame, and so were both part of the drawing and looking at it. It might be something to re-visit as a way of thinking about participants in various mobile activities, their representation, embodied presence and virtuality.

It would be better if the figures were more contemporary, these ones feel quite nostalgic.  The ones I used before were a person pointing, and another with a camera.

'typical' bus passengers, I like the groupings & relative heights of figures




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