Just found this image in the front of Alan Sekula’s book ‘Fish Story’ about his photographic documentation of the fishing industry. It reminded me of our exhibitions Distance Made Good and Field Study, when we were thinking about the warped grid of netting as a reference to the grid of Lat/Long. The nets were not perfect, and so the variations in gaps and nets made a reference to the lived shape of landscape, rather than the strict cartesian grid.


This is one detail of our nets as we were setting up to show them at Futuresonic 2006 (where they were hung in one of the old mill buildings at The Museum of Scinece and Industry in Manchester). They almost fitted into the aesthetics of the mill too well, and because the digital work operates in a different way, they didn’t make an explicit enough reference to mapping technologies, lat/long grids or googlemaps.

DMG netting at futuresonic

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