a belated post about wlt.

Some great speakers –

Ben Dalton from Leeds Met, had spoken to me in the break, and talked about stitching maps on a sewing machine. In his talk he spoke about ‘Knitted News’ in Turkey, using processing and a knitting machine. He also talked about the “Afghan Explorer” project, and suggested that it allowed the media to talk about some interesting social issues through talking about an art project.

And of course Andrew Wilson talked about Five Trees Forest  www.fivetreesforest.org what I loved about his talk were the observations of how users communicate with the game.

Tom Betts commented on our talk that games all have a heads up display map and well as the ‘in game’ view – this could be something useful to look at in terms of multiple perspectives in a physical world.

Andrew Shanahan (www.movingaudio.co.uk) talking about ‘230 miles of love’ and other projects. Particularly editing the points of Interest on a SatNav, so that they play comedy. I remember seeing this in the paper when it was launched to play comedy at specific locations in your car.


and this great project where he’s putting plaques on benches about invented people in the devenish-phibbs family as a way to introduce people into a narrative. You have to google the name from the unusual plaques to get involved, but there are no instructions to tell you, its for inquisitive people.   www.croydevenishphibbs.co.uk

Yuri Suzuki’s beautiful Jellyfish Theremin & cut up record railway track.

Tom Wynne-Morgan gave an interesting talk about the role of fiction in making things real, and how we use technology to reflect on ourselves and our humanity. I liked his visual process, collecting and editing together found video & animation to make kind of moodboard films to think about.  ‘Pilots blink more than co-pilots’ ‘women blink more than men’.  www.tomwm.co.uk

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