“I existed independently of time and matter, I felt myself departing from my body as I imagined a spirit would depart -emanating into the cockpit, extending through the fuselage as though no frame of fabric walls were there, angling upward, outward, until I reformed in an awareness far distant from the human form I left in a fast-flying transatlantic plane. But I remained connected to my body through a long extended strand, a strand so tenuous that it could have been severed by a breath.

.. and later

My visions are easily explained away through reason, but the longer I live, the more limited I believe reason to be.

Charles A. Lindbergh (cited in Philips, E. ed. 1987. Psychic Voyages, Amsterdam: Time-Life Books.)”
from http://www.refractory.unimelb.edu.au/journalissues/vol3/punt.html

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